1)ServerManagerCmd -i Desktop-Experience

2)Set Themes Service to Automatic and Start

3)Download & Install Theme package

4)Login Server



  • Click Control Panel > Personalization
  • Click Windows Color and Appearance and select the Windows Aero color scheme
  • (To turn Aero off, click Theme and select the Windows Classic theme)
2008 R2
  • Click Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization
  • Click Personalization and select the Aero Theme

6) tsconfig.msc

Click Connection - Client Settings

Check Limit Maximum Colr Depth and Set to 32 bits per pixel

Uncheck Audio and video playback

Uncheck Audio recording


Enable (Computer Configurations - Administrative Temp - Windows Components - Remote Desktop Services - Remote Desktop Session Host - Remote Session Environment - Allow desktop composition for remote desktop sessions)

8) Make sure "Windows Audio" Service Started

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