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DS3512 does not boot: Error: LU & E0 ->lemClearLockdown

last week failed a DS3512 when an expansion connected through SAS

has been. (Reason not known, probably firmware problem)


We tried to take the DS3512 again. Unfortunately without success. Rear only

still alternates LU & E0 on the 7-segment display.


What to do?

via terminal to a controller of the DS3512.


[Tip: If no login prompt should appear, must controll + pause (with me on my

Laptop: ctrl + fn + pause (blue)) are pressed and after the escape (esc)]


then escape

Then you can log in

Zugandaten for dis DS3512:


User: shellUsr

Pass: wy3oo&w4


previously, one should view the logs and save If necessary:



and the hardware logs:



Thus, the DS3512 powers up clean again, the lock must be unlocked. This happens

using the command:



after the first controller on the storage manager should be available. They had to

additionally the controller put out with the help of the Storage Manager from the service mode.

Perform the same procedure for the B controller and Voila, everything was green again ...

fals to the controller

lemClearLockdown is still not available, it should manually using the command


be restarted, and hope that it can be accessed afterwards.


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