How to Reset – IBM DS Storage Area Network Appliances. NAS and SAN are becoming the standard for both Datacentres and Business. In the Web Hosting and Remote Storage they are invaluable. The IBM DS3200 range can provide 6gbps transfer rate to server. VALU run DS3200 and the 3400′s for backup and cloning purposes. Time to time we may need to expand the array or create new LUNS, this can be a tricky thing as SAN’s are a beast of their own.

Recently we needed to expand an array from 700GB to 1.4TB, the array build went horribly wrong, the IBM software would not let us delete the old array or logical drives, as we had an exact copy of the SAN data, we decided to reset the IBM DS3200 sub system, this leaves the IP as normal, and allows us to rebuild the arrays correctly.

The option RESET is not available in the storage manager, yet, in the storage manager for the DS4000-series this was available.

To reset a DS4000-series use the command sysWipe on both controllers and sysReboot afterwards, these commands are done through the serial port.

1. Login into the serial port shell of the controller.

2. Type the following: ld </Debug

2. Type the command: safeSysWipe

3. Next run the command sysReboot.  This will reboot the controller.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the second controller.

To delete all licenses on the DS3000-series use the command safeSysWipe. Next run the command sysReboot.  This will reboot the controller. Your box will work like new afterwards.

To reset Sub System, from the Enterprise screen of the DS3000 DSM, go to the script editor and type (paste) the following :-

clear storageSubsystem configuration;

Verify and execute, this will reset the configuration of the storage array. IP address will remain the same.

If you want to run it from the DOS window, CD to the directory with the SMCLI executable , run SMCLI and add the IP address of the array you wan to reset and then run the same command. (You may need to use the “-c” switch after SMCLI  in this case.  The windows wont close , so a ctl C will be needed  once you are sure the array has reset !

If needed you can place the :- “clear storageSubsystem configuration;” into a file and run it from the dos windows using SMCLI –f <ip address> -f filename.

You will need to reset the controller IP address manually. The default IP Addresses are and 102.


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